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WHO, UNICEF aim to protect 1.6 million in Sudan from cholera

first_imgCholera outbreak kills 32 in South Sudan Photo by alliance via Getty Images) World Health Organization and UNICEF are collaborating with Sudanese authorities to protect more than one million people from cholera.Photo by Getty ImagesWHO and UNICEF will support an oral cholera vaccination campaign aimed at covering 1.6 million people in Blue Nile state and in neighboring Sinnar state.The first round is expected to start in mid-October, targeting everyone above one year of age, including pregnant and lactating women.215 cases of cholera have been confirmed and eight people have died since an outbreak was declared in Blue Nile state on 8 September.“Sudan has bad health infrastructure as well as a dilapidated water and sewage system”, says WHO Spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic. “Re-occurring floods have further led to polluting water sources. All of these factors heighten the risk of cholera and other diarrheal diseases and threaten to cause a widespread if no immediate response interventions are not adopted”.WHO, alongside UN agencies and local and international partners, also are preparing to respond to potential outbreaks in six other at-risk states in Sudan.Some $10 million to $15 million will be needed to contain the outbreak in the coming months to address issues such as health, safe water, safe nutrition and access to quality care services, in addition to mobilizing communities and youth.Between 2016 and 2018 nearly 37,000 cases of cholera and or Acute Watery Diarrhoea were recorded in 18 states in Sudan between August 2016 and March 2018.Overall, 823 people died, 15 percent of whom were children under-five.  The UN health agency is using lessons learned from the 2016-2018 outbreak to inform current preparedness and response measures.Cholera is caused by ingesting food or water contaminated with a bacterium called Vibrio cholorae, resulting in watery diarrhoea and severe dehydration.The disease is preventable and can be eliminated through the provision of clean water and sanitation facilities, combined with satisfactory hygiene conditions.Related Cholera cases surge to 124 in Sudancenter_img UNICEF Starts Cholera Awareness Campaign In Tanzanian Camplast_img read more

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Farm banks well positioned for 2015

first_imgFarm banks significantly increased agricultural lending by 13.6 percent in 2014 and held $94.6 billion in farm loans at the end of the year, according to the American Bankers Association’s (ABA) annual Farm Bank Performance Report. Asset quality continued to improve at the nation’s 2,036 farm banks as non-performing loans declined to pre-recession levels. ABA defines farm banks as banks whose ratio of domestic farm loans to total domestic loans is greater than or equal to the industry average.advertisementadvertisement“The agricultural economy may be faced with headwinds in 2015, but farm banks are well positioned to continue serving the needs of farmers and ranchers across the country,” says Brittany Dengler, ABA senior research manager of economic policy and research. “Banks hold nearly half of all farm loans and will remain an important source of ag credit.”Dengler notes that the entire banking industry – not just farm banks – provide farmers and ranchers with the credit they need. At the end of 2014, banks held $161 billion in farm and ranch loans. Small and micro loans made up almost half of bank agricultural lending in 2014.A small farm loan is a loan with an original value of $500,000 or less, and a micro farm loan is a loan with an original value of $100,000 or less.Farm banks continued to build high quality capital over the year. Equity capital at farm banks increased 4.8 percent to $46.2 billion in 2014, while Tier 1 capital increased by $3.3 billion to $38.8 billion.In addition, more than 97 percent of farm banks were profitable in 2014, with 65 percent reporting an increase in earnings.advertisement“Farm banks play a vital role in their communities by providing loans, creating jobs and paying taxes to support rural America,” says Dengler.Farm banks also added more than 2,300 jobs, a 2.8 percent increase, and employed more than 89,000 rural Americans. Since 2007, employment at farm banks has risen 16.6 percent.The report also provides regional summaries:The Northeast region’s 10 farm banks increased farm loans by 19.7 percent to $556 million. Ag production loans rose 6.1 percent, and farmland loans rose 26.9 percent.The South region’s 203 farm banks increased farm loans by 9 percent to $6.7 billion. Ag production loans rose 17.8 percent, and farmland loans rose 6 percent.The Cornbelt region’s 962 farm banks increased farm loans by 13.8 percent to $41.8 billion. Ag production loans increased 16 percent, and farmland loans rose 11.9 percent.The Plains region’s 787 farm banks increased farm loans by 15 percent to more than $36.5 billion. Ag production loans increased 18.7 percent, and farmland loans rose 10.3 percent.The West region’s 74 farm banks increased farm loans by 10.9 percent to $9 billion. Ag production loans increased 10 percent, and farmland loans rose 11.6 percent.Read the rest of the details in the 2014 Farm Bank Performance Report (PDF, 4.4 MB). PD—From American Bankers Association news releaseadvertisementlast_img read more

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WWE: The Top Rumble Moments of All Time!

first_imgIt is hard to believe that the WWE Royal Rumble has been around since 1988 and has had some incredible memories along the way.  From sitting right here and not even looking at google, I can name you several big moments from each and every show.  In the interest of time, I will try to limit it to 1 or 2 a show, but I’m not making any promises. Okay wrestling fans, here it is, the “not so official” Top Moments in Royal Rumble History in Chronological order per year.1988 – Who could forget Dino Bravo breaking the all time bench press record, with the help of Jesse The Body Spotting him of course.  Not too mention, the tension filled contract signing between Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan in the biggest rematch of all time.1989 – The first 30 man edition see’s the pairing of Demolition start it off, which pretty much hit home the exact point of the match.  Nothing subtle about that booking.  It stands out however!1990- One of the best Rumble matches in history with some of the biggest names.  However the best moment of the night was the first and epic clash between The Hulkster and The Ultimate Warrior.  Two good guys going at it, was almost unheard of in those days.1991 – Hogan gives Perfect a chop, Perfect gives Hogan a chop, Haku gives Perfect a chop.  Rowdy Piper made me want to watch this one on mute.  But, the tragedy that was Sgt. Slaughter cheating (with the help of Macho King) to steal the WWF title from The Ultimate Warrior makes the event worth watching.1992 – This one is widely regarded as the best Rumble in History as Ric Flair entered third and then went the distance to win his first WWF Title.1993 – A lot of people will remember this one as Yokozunas coming out party as the winner, or the debut of Lex Luger, or The Undertaker getting mauled by Giant Gonzales.  I choose to remember it by the excellent WWE title match with Bret Hart retaining his belt with a perfectly executed sharp shooter over Razor Ramone.1994 – Incredible WWF Royal Rumble in every way imaginable.  Bigelow vs Tatanka kicked off the show in great fashion.  The Casket Match of Yokozuna defending his title against The Undertaker will forever stand the test of time, and who could ever forget the double win (tie) Rumble with Luger and Bret?  Great great rumble!1995 – Terrible, terrible rumble.  It was the start of a bad year for the WWF.  HBK wins a talent depleted Rumble in 30 mins?1996 – Despite audio problems, it was a solid show with Hart and Taker closing out the night instead of HBK’s second straight win. Most memorable moment was the debut of the dominant Vader.1997 – Despite the influx of foreign talent no one ever heard of or again, good rumble thanks to legends like Stone Cold, Undertaker, Bret Hart and Mankind being the last ones in the ring.  Also a great main event with HBK winning his title back from Sid.  Overall good ending!1998 – Despite SCSU winning his second straight rumble, terrible show with sole highlight being Kane setting Undertakers casket on fire.1999 – Amazing Rumble as Vince McMahon goes from 2 to victory!  Elsewhere on the card, The Rock vs Mankind launced Rocks career and put Foley into retirement planning.2000 – Cactus Jack vs HHH from the Garden for the title, enough said right there! Excellent!2001 – Drew Carey makes his debut as Kane eliminates 11.  SCSU wins his third Rumble in 5 years.2002 – The return of The Game HHH. Also, Mr. Perfect!2003 – Loaded rumble as the WWE was starting to emerge out of the Attitude era and into the Ruthless Agression Era.  Brock Lesnar notches the victory as Beniot vs Angle put on a 5 star classic on the undercard.2004 – Perhaps the greatest actual Rumble match of all time, but you will never see highlights of it or any from WWE acknowledging it,  why?  Just look at who won – CHRIS BENIOT2005 – Double winner, no, not this time, as the Batista vs Cena showcase took place first hand.  A coming out party for both men, the restart saw Vinny Mac tearing two quads and Batista winning it all.2006 – An emotional night as Rey Mysterio wins one for his buddy  RIP Eddie!2007 – The Undertaker enters 30 to win it all for the first time!2008 – John Cena enters 30 in a surprise return from injury to win it all!2009 – Perhaps one of the most forgotten Rumbles of all time as Randy Orton wins with the help of Legacy, only to go on and lose to HHH at WM 25.2010 – Edge returns from injury in shocking fashion to win the Rumble,  An incredible moment and excellent booking from WWE at the time.2011 – A 40 man Rumble was far too much, although watching CM Punk run the nexus for awhile in the begining was fun, but then it just got all messed up with Cena and Hornswoggle.  A 40 man rumble will never be done again.  Experiment failed.2012 – A surprise win for Shaemus, again, solid booking!2013 – This was the start of 4 straight awful Rumbles as the second Cena won the rumble, we all knew The Rock would be winning the title away from CM Punk.2014 – For the second straight year, the Rumble was awful.  This one perhaps was the worst of all time.  The crowd screamed for Daniel Bryan all night, only to find out he wasn’t even entered in the match.  This was the night that started it all.2015 – A terrible Rumble that saw Roman Reigns capture the most predictable win of all time.  Well, that is if you don’t count the extremely predictable wins by Batista and Cena the two prior years, or HHH last year.2016 – While the gimmick of it being a title match was cool, it was a terrible idea to have Reigns enter first.  Far too predictable.  Only good thing about the whole card was AJ Styles making his debut. Related TopicsHHHHulk HoganJohn CenaMick FoleyStone Cold Steve AustinThe RockWWEWWE Royal Rumblecenter_img Vince McKeelast_img read more

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Kizer Time: Browns Rookie QB to Get the Start in Third Preseason Game at Tampa

first_img Matt Loede Matt Loede has been a part of the Cleveland Sports Media for over 21 years, with experience covering Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, the National Football League and even high school and college events. He has been a part of the Cleveland Indians coverage since the opening of Jacobs/Progressive Field in 1994, and spent two and a half years covering the team for 92.3 The Fan, and covers them daily for Associated Press Radio. You can follow Matt on Twitter HERE. Browns fans have been waiting to get to see rookie draft pick DeShone Kizer get his chance to start with the first team and start a game under the spotlight.He will get his chance.Browns coach Hue Jackson announced this morning that Kizer will get a chance to start under center in the all important third preseason game at Tampa this weekend, putting more questions as to if the coach has truly decided who will be the starter come opening day against the Steelers.The team released a statement from Jackson regarding the decision:“This morning, I informed our quarterbacks that DeShone will be our starter for the third preseason game against Tampa. He has made a lot of progress by investing the time necessary to learn our offense, working hard to improve on his fundamentals while also effectively moving the offense in preseason games. Development is so important for a young quarterback, this is the next step he needs to take and he deserves this opportunity. We are very excited about seeing DeShone in the role of starter for this week, as he is certainly positioning himself well to earn the starting job heading into the regular season.“Much like DeShone, Brock, Cody and Kevin have worked extremely hard throughout training camp and have helped create a very supportive environment in our quarterback room. They’ve pushed each other, worked well together and we expect that to continue.”Brock Osweiler has started the first two preseason games, but the Browns first team offense has done little to give any hope of a breakout season to this point.Many have stated that Osweiler has the inside track on the starting job to begin 2017, but throwing Kizer, who has been good in his time in the first two preseason games, as the starter for the third preseason game will give fans plenty to chat about if he again plays well against the Bucs. center_img Related TopicsDeShone Kizerlast_img read more

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Lemi: We’re Focused On Next Challenge

first_imgThe captain insists that Bristol are relishing the challenge ahead, starting with Moseley on Friday evening at Ashton Gate (7.45pm KO).”Everybody is pulling in the same direction and focused on the same goals. We know that we have a job to do, but we look no further than Moseley and the huge challenge that they will bring to us on Friday evening,” Lemi told”The guys are really enjoying their rugby this season and putting in the hard work on the training ground. That’s showed in our performances and the way we have improved and developed as the campaign has wore on.”We’re staying grounded and taking each game as it comes because we have huge respect for every opposition we come up against. There are some very strong sides in this division but we have the confidence in our own game that we can match them.”It’s a key part of the season now and we need everyone to come together – players, supporters and staff – to ensure we keep driving the standards of our performance when it really matters.”The boys have taken ownership of their roles and responsibilities and everyone is excited about what is to come. We’re preparing for Friday night and looking no further than that.”Tickets for upcoming clashes at Ashton Gate can be purchased online by clicking here or via Supporter Services on 0117 963 0600.last_img read more

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Tsiamalili reflects on leadership career

first_imgSports Foundation BY SIMON KESLEP Outgoing PNG Sports Foundation (PNGSF) CEO Peter Tsiamalili Jr has left behind a legacy of outstanding leadership. Tsiamalili Jr last Friday was given a farewell reception last Friday at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre in Port Moresby. Present at the event was PNGSF’s first CEO (1993) John Kambuou, Iammo Launa, current PNGSF board Chairman Ian Chow, board member Lady Ni Cragnolini, Vice Sports Minister Wesley Raminai, national federation sports representatives including staff of PNGSF both venue management, high performance and administration. “Today (last Friday) is quite a special day not because I’m leaving but some of the things I dreamt about, where this organisation (PNG Sports Foundation) will be heading to in the future. We are going live stream and this is where sports will be going. For national federations this is where you will monetise all your sports. This is the future of sports. “When I first came in September 2013, I said to everyone – I am as good as everyone around me is always. No matter the challenge that we face, I always have the confidence with the people that are around me. I may not be the hardest boss, I may not have taken the discipline where I should have but I always believe everyone has the potential to rise above,” said Tsiamalili Jr. Under Tsiamalili Jr’s administrative leadership, there were significant sporting events which occurred and that included the notable 2015 Pacific Games, PNG Games, Oceania Football Confederation, FIFA U20 World Cup and others. “What I do daily in the organisation is a reflection of what they provide to me and for that I am so grateful. Ian Chow, that name alone resonates around the country; his father has left behind a legacy within the private sector and the country. I am grateful and blessed to have him serve as my chairman, Lady Ni Cragnolini thank you for your belief in me -she is one lady in the board that believes in Papua New Guineans,” said Tsiamalili Jr. He said he was also grateful to serve under Sports Ministers, two Prime Ministers (Peter O’Neill and current James Marape), Moresby South MP and former Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko including current Vice Sports Minister Wesley Raminai. He said his decision to resign was made on April 15 which was his father’s anniversary. “In life, we have to make certain decisions. I did not want to tell myself in the few years that looking back to this decision, I should have made. By making this decision, I’m taking a leap of faith and hope that is the right direction that God wants me to go.” “I really value the relationship I had with sportsmen and sportswomen. I actually come from a sporting background myself. I appreciate the relationship, comradeship like we all do. We sportsmen and women know what it is that makes us feel like that,” said Tsiamalili Jr.last_img read more

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Late block helps Mississippi State hold off Arkansas 51-50

first_imgFAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) — Beniquez Brown blocked a field goal attempt with less than a minute remaining to help Mississippi State hold on for a wild 51-50 win over Arkansas on Saturday night.Dak Prescott threw for a career-high 501 yards and five touchdowns on 38-of-50 passing for the Bulldogs (8-3, 4-3 Southeastern Conference), who have now won four straight games over the Razorbacks (6-5, 4-3).Prescott’s final touchdown pass, a 14-yarder to Fred Ross with 3:05 remaining, put Mississippi State up 51-50, and Brown’s block helped hold off a school-record seven touchdown passes by Arkansas’ Brandon Allen. Allen was 30-of-43 passing for 406 yards, becoming the Razorbacks’ all-time leader in touchdown passes (63) in the loss.HOW THE TOP 25 FARED IN WEEK 12last_img read more

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“Mavericks” coach Kārlails par Porziņģis: “Two technical remarks in the elimination…

first_imgIt has already been reported that Latvian basketball player Kristaps Porziņģis scored 14 points in the first match of the NBA elimination tournament on Monday and was only expelled from the hall while his Dallas Mavericks suffered a loss.The Mavericks conceded in the first game of the Orlando tournament with a score of 110: 118 (38:34, 31:32, 13:21, 28:31) in the Los Angeles CIippers and took the 0-1 lead to four wins in the Western Conference quarter-finals.In the middle of the first quarter, Porziņģis blocked Paul George, but the judges recorded a foul. Latvian basketball showed dissatisfaction and was given a technical note.In the third minute of the second half, Luka Dončičs clashed with Markus Morris, Porziņģis threw to defend a team member and pushed the opponent. The referees assessed this action with a second technical note, which meant that Porziņģis had ended the game.“It was a slow start and we drove quickly, but we played. We better work with the ball and fight under the baskets. The case with Kristaps was a failure and we have to learn from it. It must be understood that it is part of the play-off emotions. “Our teammate, but two technical remarks in the elimination tournament match is not allowed.The “Mavericks” basketball players were ready that emotions could prevail in the game.“Before the series, we talked about emotions hitting a high wave. When that happens, you need to gather yourself, help energize the other teammates or calm them down. A lot happens on the field, as in the NBA game. Basketball players try to give their best,” Carlisle.“I haven’t received the analysis yet, but I can say that we are a better team in defense when Porziņģis is on the field. We will learn from what happened. We are here to win the series, so we are disappointed with this game, result and result,” said Karlla .As Keyn Fitzgerald, the head referee of the match, explained in the conversation with ESPN after the game, Porziņģis’ second technical remark was justified.“The first violation was punching in the air, which is automatically penalized by a technical note under NBA rules. The second technical note was that he escalated the grip, as we found in the video replay,” Fitzgerald explained.The referee also explained that the rules are the same in all situations, whether it is a “play-off” or a regular championship match.The judges’ decision caused confusion among many, such as Mavericks legend Dirk Novickis and Los Angeles Lakers star Lebron James on Twitter publicly said that expulsion was too harsh.The second game in the series will take place on Wednesday.NBA teams played eight matches before the playoffs to determine the final place distribution before the playoffs began. The Mavericks finished seventh in the Western Conference, while the Clippers finished second.Others are currently reading PHOTO: Inese Šlesere celebrates her anniversary with a glamorous girls’ party “It’s a miracle that’s happening!” – Madara Repše cries out of touch for human good Dumpis unhappy about people’s desire to go outside Latvia now: “It seems strange to me”last_img read more

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Tipp teams vying for UBL playoff spot

first_imgWe’re into the late stages of the Ulster Bank League – with 2 Tipperary teams in action in Division 2A this afternoon.Nenagh Ormond sit in third place on the table – with Cashel in fourth.Both teams are chasing the final playoff place. Both teams also play at home today – with Cashel taking on Blackrock in Spafield, and Nenagh Ormond facing Queens – in what’s the north Tipp sides last home game of the season.Both games kick off at 2.30.last_img

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WRESTLING: Team Nigeria Departs For Cadet World Championships (AUDIO)

first_img-Coach Purity Confident Of Good OutingNigeria’s contingent to the 2018 Cadet World Championships will on Monday, 2nd July, depart Lagos for Zagreb, Croatia – venue of the competition.The contingent, which is made up of two female wrestlers and a coach, are scheduled to leave the Murtala Mohammed International Airport by 8:45pm (local time) aboard a Turkish airline, and are expected to arrive Zagred the next day for the competition which will run from 2nd to 8th July.Reigning African champions, Sunmisola Balogun (65kg) and Esther Kolawole (61kg), who both won gold at the 2018 African Championships in Port Harcourt, are the two wrestlers hoping to make Nigeria proud at the event designed for athletes between the ages of 15 and 17. They will be guided by experienced head coach of the female national team, Purity Akuh.The sensational Balogun will open her campaign on 4th July after undergoing a compulsory medical test and weigh-in same day, while impressive Kolawole will begin her quest for glory on 5th July.It is the first Nigeria will be participating in the Cadet World Championships since its inception in 1975.Coach Purity informed that the wrestlers are well-prepared for the championships, even as he expressed confidence in their chances of excelling in Croatia.“After the African Championships (in February), we started preparations,” he said. “We have been working on how our athletes can perform better at world level.”The Delta State-born coach also highlighted some of the benefits of the competition for the youngsters.“I think it’s a very good opportunity for these two athletes in terms of exposure and in terms of gaining more experience in their career.“I think it will really help them, especially, Sunmisola, who has qualified for the Youth Olympics (in Buenos Aires). It is going to be a very good opportunity for her to be exposed and get more experience.”Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Relatedlast_img read more

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