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Close the QVOD server with the police investigation Nora you can not afford to toss it


with a April 17th shut down the QVOD server (in order to eradicate piracy and vulgar content, using multicast technology we decided to close qvod server, stop the video on demand and energy-saving technology based on. From then on, the former Nora mode end. ) received more attention, this is the website screen watching, today was great news, Nora headquarters encountered police investigation.

to hide the "anti pornography" advance transformation

closed QVOD server news leaked in Nora, the industry had called the transformation or Nora and "carry out pornography", "anti pornography – net 2014" since the implementation, resulting in the literary world turmoil, many literary website was shut. Including amidst the red novel network, "Cuiwei novel network", "91 panda reading network" website. This is called "Indoorsman artifact", in the pornography trend seems to have to transition. The media reported that Nora implies pornographic content, adolescent health hazard, this is Nora referred to as "Indoorsman artifact", this point had to find another way to force Nora transformation. read more

March 11, 2017 0

Shanghai site webmaster second party

Standing friends:

5 27, 100 station legend, focusing on Shanghai. You, come?

You, is the protagonist. Not to Alexa ranking, not to return, not heroes head; but optimistic: dream and perfect work station. Webmaster gathering site can be compared to a Web2.0 community, or designated 2-3 theme circle, and then divided into a number of free theme groups. On this platform, the owners are free to join.

(metro line two Nanjing Road station, exit 1, right along the street walk across the street; the bus line is about one hundred meters, please check) read more

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New Oriental and Tencent jointly the online education online education T chiefs overweight

every reporter Zhao Na from Beijing

July 22nd, New Oriental disclosed in the 2014 fiscal year earnings report, has reached a strategic cooperation with Tencent, will jointly develop a mobile terminal based English learning products, the joint venture will use the New Oriental in content and educational resources, as well as the Tencent accumulated technology and Internet resources.

yesterday (July 31st), there is news that New Oriental July 30th announcement, the Tencent and the establishment of the Beijing micro school tomorrow network technology Co., Ltd., Yu Minhong chairman, vice president of New Oriental online Xin pan served the company CEO; Tencent Inc Tang Daosheng, senior vice president of Tencent Strategic Development Department general manager Lin Jinghua and New Oriental online CEO Sun Chang as a director. Sun Chang is the legal representative. read more

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Personal website contains huge business potential

      China Internet forecast at the end of this year to become the world’s first broadband power network, users will surpass the United States, with about 10000000 annual growth rate of people, the number of sites is about 840 thousand, the site every day to thousands of speed growing out of network coverage, China is only three per cent, to explore the potential of unlimited personal the webmaster has become one of the most important groups Chinese Internet construction, spread their efforts on the development of Internet has a great contribution, forming a domestic network industry a readily. read more

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Two 19 year old zuigaojian jailed for hacking the website backstage

two 19 year old youth invasion of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate website background, change the profit for the other web page source code. The day before, the Chaoyang Court Verdict on the case, because of the trespass on computer information system crime and illegal control of computer information system crime, the two defendants were jailed for a year to a year and a half, were fined 2000 yuan.

from March 2010 to May, Fan Dongdong together with the super in the Henan Zhengzhou temporary residence, the use of computer on the Internet, enter the Supreme Procuratorate anti malfeasance Department website background through the backdoor, modify the source code ("implant" on the website source files on the black chain code "), to modify the website home page, in order to improve the other the website in search engine ranking, so as to achieve the purpose of illegal profits. read more

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The website officially started taking pictures for the record or field station interprovincial pictu

hanging in the head of many individuals on the head of the boots finally fell, the website for the record to be officially launched. Reporters from the Shanghai branch network news, since the end of June to July 6th, there have been more than 50 people in charge of the enterprise and its owners to take pictures for the record company. Deputy manager of network Shanghai branch Gao Haiming told reporters, this is more than 50 new customers are mainly Alibaba TrustPass members and nets. Civilink is a member unit of Alibaba. read more

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Financial letter treasure carrying eighty million foot Domain can still access

renamed Chinese (eName.cn) after the June 20th hearing, net Campbell, branch Xun net volume of "run away", named P2P financial planning company legal representative financial letter treasure of the lost customers, nearly 80 million yuan investment in the official domain name rxbp2p.com currently take wings to itself, financial sunbell can normally access.

financial letter treasure

Beijing financial letter treasure international Cci Capital Ltd is engaged in personal credit consulting and management institutions, the company was established in April 2012, the registered capital of 10 million yuan. According to relevant data show that in the financial letter treasure investment and financing customers up to six hundred or seven hundred people, a total of nearly $100 million. It is understood that the company’s legal representative in Hainan has been in a few days before he lost contact with the client’s investment funds can be redeemed? At present, the Tongzhou Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Detachment has been involved in the investigation on the matter. read more

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Micro-blog will increase support for text and video content

in the first 11 months of this year, micro-blog on the vertical field of professional authors has reached 2 million 300 thousand, covering more than 47 industries, including monthly average reading amount of more than 100 thousand of the head of the author, micro-blog revenue of more than 200 million.


technology news on December 9th news, the first 11 months of this year, micro-blog on the vertical field of professional author has reached 2 million 300 thousand, covering 47 industries, the average monthly amount of reading over 100 thousand "head writer", obtain the income of more than 200 million in micro-blog. On December 9th, micro-blog released the vertical scale of the author and the commercialization of V in the influence of the summit. Micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei said that micro-blog will be three aspects of brand value, user value and business value, to promote the vertical domain of the new media into the golden age. read more

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Daily topic WeChat charges controversial commercial uncertainty

station network (www.admin5.com) April 7th news, the recent spread of news is that WeChat charges raise a Babel of criticism of the event, for WeChat charge? Who collect fees? This point we do not know, did not give a clear answer. But in the community has set off a burst of public opinion!

who charges who

March 31st, Minister of industry and information technology Miao Wei said that the requirements of the communications operators to charge WeChat has some rationality, the Ministry is currently coordinating the matter. On the same day, China Unicom chairman Chang Xiaobing to participate in the IT Leadership Summit to talk about WeChat, said, today’s free of charge for tomorrow". WeChat’s appearance can be said to subvert the way people communicate, to a large extent, instead of the SMS business. But this has also brought a heavy blow to the operator, so the operator raised the hope that the charges, when the toll of two words appear, overwhelming news began to flood the internet. Many users in the Tencent here called operators, in fact, at this point I think everyone should understand one thing: WeChat to charge to the user who received?? Tencent? Operators to charge and not pull users, is only between operators and Tencent operating problems. As Chang Xiaobing said, "today’s free is the future of tomorrow’s charges", Tencent will not charge for tomorrow we do not know, but certainly not today! read more

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February 2016 nternet users to 21 points during the peak period of

IDC network (idcps.com) on 25 August 03 reports: according to Baidu statistics data show that in 2016 February, the peak down domestic Internet users to 21:00-21:59, the proportion of last month, down 0.12%, 6.20%. Below, please look at the detailed analysis of the IDC network data.

(Figure 1) in 2016 in the domestic Internet users time distribution

Figure 1 was informed that in February the domestic Internet users during the peak period of time in the 21:00-21:59, after the last month, the shift of 1 hours, the proportion of 6.20%, down from last month, a decrease of 0.12%. Overall, Internet users are still concentrated in the 9 hours after the to the point before the time to remove the 9:00-9:59 and 23:00-23:59, the rest of the time ratio of more than 5%. read more

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Buy site greatly shrink 5058 buy site only 176

a picture of the world know things

figure smell CBD

group purchase website navigation mission 800 days before the release of "Chinese group purchase market statistics report", according to statistics, China group purchase website the first half of the actual turnover of 29 billion 430 million yuan in this year. In June this year, the manual survey data show that the number of buy site to reduce the number of surviving to 176, compared with the peak of the year in 2011, the current site survival rate of only 3.5%. read more

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The number of nternet Co not only the number of users also can be the enemy of fabulously rich

Thanks to

for the latest quarter’s dazzling performance, the parent company of Google Alphabet’s market value has surpassed apple, let it become the world’s most valuable company. According to The Verge reported, in a conference call after the earnings release, Google CEO Sandel · Gmail said the current pichardo Iraq monthly active users has exceeded 1 billion.

Gmail has become Google seventh users over 1 billion products, after users Google search, Chrome browser, Android system, Google map and YouTube Play Google, had 1 billion. Where Gmail, Google Play need to use the registered account. read more

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Google wants to go back to China but this time it’s time for Chinese developers to recover the lost

Google China Developers Conference in 6 years after the restart, its significance is not the same.

2010, Google officially withdrew from the Chinese mainland market with search operations, and 6 years later, Google with an unprecedented scale developers conference announced its high-profile return.

but this time, Google has already been occupied the heights about Baidu search business, but in the name of "developers to what we give to what" China developer group handed out "hero". read more

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Micro-blog plans to start from the media today, more than 5 million fans big V temporarily unable to

micro-blog from the media plan to start today more than 5 million fans big V temporarily can not apply for

[TechWeb] reported on June 12th news, micro-blog officially launched from the media plan, the user application management system over the line (http://s.me.weibo.com) openly recruited from media users, according to the page, the plan has a certain originality and influence for micro-blog’s certification, the specific criteria for the number of monthly reading above 3 million, and can provide high-quality in addition, the content link that more than 5 million fans of "big V" is temporarily unable to apply. read more

March 10, 2017 0

The second week of June, the global DNS provider million net share rose DNSPod

IDC Review Network (idcps.com) 06, reported: according to the latest statistics of the domain name statistics agency WebHosting.info that, in June, the second week (-6 on June 10th), the global domain name market is relatively stable. Compared with last week, the United States is still in the global DNS lord it over others, taking the Top15 list, the United States accounted for 10 seats, and swept the top 6. But Chinese still only Chinese nets and DNSPod list. The review of IDC network with everyone concerned in the second week of June, the global DNS service providers the latest. read more

March 10, 2017 0

National remediation nternet vulgar wind second batch exposure site list

people’s daily on January 8,     China Internet association Internet Illegal and bad information reporting center today announced the national remediation Internet vulgar wind of the list of the second batch of exposure.  

        Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center according to the public to report the following site verification, there are a lot of violate the social morality or damage the physical and mental health of teenagers in the vulgar vulgar content, and the regulation of the Internet the wind of special operations carried out after failing to take effective measures, is hereby promulgated.

8, "52PK network" and "beauty portrait" column there is a lot of Vulgar Picture;


14." dynamic network "WAP" beauties "channel there are a lot of vulgar picture.

January 8, 2009 read more

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Slot machine domain name out of $5 million 850 thousand into the domain name price ten

Beijing on June 2nd news, according to foreign media reports, Gambling company Bodogbrand on Tuesday announced that the company was about $5 million 850 thousand in the price of the successful purchase of Slots.com (slot machine.Com) domain name.

had previously reported that the Slots.com domain name by the international independent domain name data service provider Snapnames responsible for the auction, the auction price has risen to $5 million 500 thousand. Eventually, Bodogbrand to more than 4 million pounds (about $5 million 850 thousand) to buy the price of the domain name Slots.com. Slots.com domain name auction price, hit a new high this year, the domain name auction price, but also into the domain name price list of the top ten. read more

March 10, 2017 0

June third weeks in Hongkong, the top five domain names by reducing the number of Taiwan increased b

IDC network (idcps.com) on 30 August 06 reports: according to the latest WebHosting.info data show that in the third week of June, Hongkong’s top five of the total domain decline trend is still not the slightest sign of recovery, has dropped to 732033, a net decrease of 5267, about 6.8 times the decline last week; Taiwan five the total amount of top-level domain of 68788, a net increase of 149, rose.

(Figure 1) third weeks in June, Hongkong, Taiwan, the top five domain name registration statistics (as of 2014-06-23) read more

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Finally, the application number to it in the end what kind of See this article will know


technology news (Han Yimin) the morning of September 22nd, WeChat began outside the public platform to send a small program beta invitation. Small program that is widely concerned by the outside world WeChat application number".

from the beta invitation to disclose the information we can see that the small program can help developers to develop small program fast, small program can be conveniently in WeChat acquisition and dissemination. This is the beginning of Zhang Xiaolong mentioned in his speech, the application number is basically consistent. read more

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Discussion on how to write soft Wen from third angles

want to do "soft", we should put ourselves in an objective point of view, that is, the third point of view.

if a soft article appeared in our products, how to completely lost the objective point of persuasion. The objective attitude of writers have to stay out of the show, can not be the purpose of advertising products in the. For example, in a news release that the advantages of the product, can stand on the angle, longitudinal comparison of horizontal comparison or industry development stage, which objectively reflects the product advantage and selling point, let the reader voluntarily have the desire to buy. Even want to know more, through a variety of ways to find corporate website or product seller, to achieve the effect of promotion. read more

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